Timber Fencing

Classic Timber Fencing in Port Macquarie

As Australia’s most commonly used fencing material, timber is a favourite to many for its classic aesthetic style and durable finish. With Big Boys Fencing, you can custom design a timber product of your choice as the right final exterior touch for your property.

Natural Look

Define boundaries and secure your property with timber fencing. This natural looking option affords your home a traditional or rustic look as it blends into the outdoor environment.
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Versatile Forms

The style of your home or office may call for a specific form of timber fencing. You can choose from paling, picket, post and railing types for a quaint touch or increased privacy.

Long-Lasting Quality

The key to the longevity of your fences lies in its composition. We make sure all of our timber is free from decay, insects, unsound knots, resin and gum pockets. To ensure that the wood lasts you for years, we also treat each panel in a protective preservative.

We Offer Competitive Prices For Our Clients From Port Macquarie to Gosford

What’s holding you back? Give one of our specialists a call now to learn about the structural genius of a timeless timber fence.
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